30 January - 5 February

There wasn’t a lot of racing going on for our girls last week, mainly because they’re fully preparing for the upcoming road races.

Krawatencross Lille

Still, there were two girls who pinned on their number: Shari Bossuyt and Mieke Docx participated in the Krawatencross at Lille. They respectively finished 42nd and 53rd.

The Krawatencross was also the last race in the Ijsboerke Ladies Trophy, in which Thalita de Jong was still leading. Unfortunately, as we all know, she couldn’t participate and defend her pole position so she lost five minutes in the classification. Thanks to the advantage she built up during the past few races, she still ended on second place though! Meanwhile, Thalita has been on her bike for the first time again, and lets us know she’s recovering fine.

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